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    Hi everyone in this thread im just trying to get some help here i think i might have covered all the steps but want to be sure.
    With that said........
    My little dumbass brother doesnt kow if he lost or got robbed for his blackberry.The phone is missing noone called to return it or have we been able to get in touch with whoever got the phone right now.The phone was password protected so the ***** who stole it isnt getting in it unless he crashes it with jl_cmdr but then he wont have any of the info.

    We called verizon to let them kow it had been stolen and also filed a police report.From what I understand once they report it stolen or such it is blocked from being able to get connected right? Does this mean that noone can use it for verizon or at all????

    I ask because i find it funny how another carrier will know if the phone is blacklisted....I unlocked my storm for use with att a few days ago and is working great on GSM so doesnt it mean that if we called the phone in for my brother it will only be blocked if the person who took it tried it onVZW?? what about if they try something else wont they be able to get it fully functional?

    For now my little brother is going back to an lg dare since my mother wont spend money on another phone for him and i dont want to put him on my plan since hes much to young....whats do you suggest i do to make sure his old berry doesnt get connected again??? please leave me your tips and comments thanks a bunch
    07-19-10 12:03 PM
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    It sounds like you've done everything you can. Since you reported it stolen to VZW, the ESN will not be "clean" and it can't be activated on VZW. But, I think it could be used with a SIM card like you have done in the past. Fortunately, you have a password on it so the data should be safe. It will probably end up on eBay or craigslist. That's also where you could get another one (with a clean ESN) and I've seen them in the $70-100 range locally.
    07-19-10 12:48 PM
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    Well its really messed up they can use it w gsm but whatever.hopefully it won't.for now my lil brother has to get used to not having a BB

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    07-19-10 01:28 PM