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    Back in August I started a new thread to mention the Steinheil SGP Screen protectors. I always read posts asking what is the best screen protection available. Well as a gadget nut who is very Type-A and does not accept mediocre protection for his toys. I have used a wide ranging variety of screen and body protection on all of my toys including Zagg Invisible Shield, Box Wave and BodyGuardz. One of the issues I have with the screen protectors is, some brands hold to your screen like a vice is when you need or want to replace them you have to pull carefully but very firmly to get them to peel away. This has bothered me since I was pulling on a pretty small screen surface and one that I didnít want damaged.

    So earlier this year I switched to a brand that I have used and recommend in my office to colleagues and customer alike. I have purchased screen protectors every time I purchased a new device and if I had any leftovers I sent them off to the new owner so they too would benefit. SGP Store SGPStore.com | Protector skin for your iPod, iPhone, MP3, cell phone, notebook, and more handheld devices offers (3) options, Crystal Clear Screen Only, Anti-Fingerprint Screen Only and Full Body Protection. Here is a quick rundown on what I have purchased and get.

    BlackBerry 9550/9520
    SGP Shield for BlackBerry 9550/9520: Full Body protection includes a Hard Coated Optical Enhancement Film for LCD(Steinheil Crystal) - Extreme Duration Soft Skin Film for Body - This product includes 2 sets of full shield (body and screen) $10.99 each (Zagg charges $24.99 for ONE set only)
    SGP Shield for BlackBerry (9520/9550) Storm2

    BlackBerry 9550/9520
    Steinheil Crystal Clear for BlackBerry 9550/9520 - Steinheil Anti - Fingerprint Hard Coated Film that prevents fingerprint stein on LCD - This Product contains 2 Films in a Package. $11.99 (Zagg charges $14.99 for ONE set only)
    Steinheil Crystal for BlackBerry (9520/9550) Storm2

    BlackBerry 9550/9520
    Steinheil Anti-Fingerprint for BlackBerry 9550/9520: Steinheil Anti - Fingerprint Hard Coated Film that prevents fingerprint stein on LCD +This Product contains 2 Films in a Package $35.45. (Zagg charges $24.99 for ONE set only, double that to match SGP Store and its $49.98)
    Steinheil Anti-Fingerprint for BlackBerry (9520/9550) Storm2

    One of the reasons all of my devices look brand new when I sell them is I take exceptional care of them and screen/body protection is key especially if you like the minimalist approach (I like thin cases)

    I have been using SGP Shield protection on the following devices and have yet to be disappointed:

    Current devices with screen protection:
    Storm2 9550
    iTouch 3Gen
    iPod Nano 4G
    iPod Classic 160GB
    SONY VAIO Z670 13.1 Notebook

    Recent devices I had screen protection for:
    BlackBerry Storm 9530
    BlackBerry Tour 9630
    iTouch 1Gen
    iTouch 2Gen
    LG Dare

    This time around I did not purchase the full shield kit like I did for my Tour 9630, I opted instead to get an OtterBox Commuter Case which I like a lot. I prefer the Anti-Fingerprint especially on my Storm 9550 and iTouch 3G. I have purchased and installed full body kits on my 9630 and it offers a nice hybrid solution. One of the things that bothers me about the other brands that use the softer film materials is you can't get it perfect, there is always an air bubble left or you pressed to hard and made a dent, or whatever. This kit comes with a hard coated optical enhancement film for the LCD (Steinheil Crystal). This makes a huge difference especially if you want to see your screen as if nothing was on it.

    The body protection is what you would expect from a high quality protection kit, the military grade film. Well theirs is a bit thinner and for me that is a key benefit to allow better adhesion to curves and corners which is something I ran into with other brands in the past. The corners would get caught and eventually I was tearing pieces off.

    I will be putting my kit on today and will take before and after pics when itís all done so you can see what it looks like. If you value your BlackBerry then value its protection.
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    Ordered the anti fingerprint to give it a try. You do have your prices mixed up in your post however.

    The regular crystal clear is 10.99 for 2
    Anti fingerprint is 11.99 for 2
    12-06-09 09:07 PM
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    I ordered the anti-fingerprint screen protector today. I was getting tired of wiping the screen. I think I can sacrifice a little screen clarity for a smudge-free screen. I am certainly looking forward to it!
    05-01-10 10:04 PM
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    I bought the anti fingerprint back in january. Didn't like it . The cristal clear screen colors took a hit. Then in march I bought the anti glare crystal one. Loved it.

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    05-01-10 10:21 PM
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    thumbs up to Steinheil Customer service for replacing a defective protector for me
    06-17-10 07:12 PM