1. galitsiadis's Avatar
    Hello everyone. I am having a little issue i cant seem to under stand why my speed dial wont work. When I tri pressing a # button my speed dial will not work and I am holding down the button long enough it was working before and now it will not work. But it will work when I go to the bb button and select speed dial it will work that way..
    05-10-10 12:58 PM
  2. jtreeves's Avatar
    This must be a virus going around. Mine began doing this yesterday. I had just upgraded from .419 to .508. I downgraded it but was left with the problem. I've deleted all items from the list, pulled the battery, and reset the list. Now #9 dials voicemail and none of the other numbers dial their assigned contacts or don't dial out at all.

    I've thought about calling VZW - and maybe I will if I don't find a solution here.

    05-11-10 11:05 AM