1. dtwo's Avatar
    So I never sign up for forums and I wasn't planning on it this time either but these past few days I've been reading and living the frustration with all of you so I had to inform that I sped up my delivery.

    I had boughten the storm from the vz store on Friday at 12:30 pst and they originally told me 2-5 days. Obviously, we all learned that whatever the store told you regarding your storm holds no value. So I called Friday night to get a tracking#, they said I should have it by Monday and it would ship by Tuesday. I called again on Monday when I hadn't received my tracking number and the gal told me that since I ordered after 12 I would receive my phone by the 5th and that the tracking number would be emailed to me automatically. Through all of this, I've learned not to really take what anyone at vz has to say w.o a second opinion. So today after work I went back to the store who sold me the Storm, even the same sales person. She looked it up in the computer (which took like 10 minutes, kinda long just to look up a number, right?) and gave me my tracking number.

    Now that I'm actually by a computer I just looked it up and it shows my phone was picked up by FedEx within 10 minutes of when I went to the vz store. Coincidence? You decide.

    It might be worth a shot to go back to the store and ask.
    11-25-08 06:24 PM
  2. RyanB95's Avatar
    Did you call Verizon itself on Monday, or the store you ordered it from? Verizon itself will not have any specific information on the status of your order, the store will have all the information.

    In other words, if you order it in-store, the store has more information about the tracking number and such whereas Verizon will not. I tried to get an update by calling Verizon today and they said that the store you order it from will ahve all of that information, not Verizon itself.

    I would venture to say that no, you did not speed up your order but the tracking information just happened to be available when you checked in at the store.
    11-25-08 07:33 PM