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    I am a self-proclaimed music aficionado, and I have been collecting prosumer-grade IEMs and amplifiers since 2005. So like most mobile music aficionado, the issue have always been how to pack a rig that is portable enough to travel with.

    When I got my iPod with video (5.5G) in 2006, I thought, since the Apple OEM earphones are pretty neat, and it has the clear bass I always needed, I sold my IEMs and amplifiers in exchange for a MacBook Pro.

    When iPhone didn't come to Singapore in 2007, I turned to iPod touch in 2008, and yes, I was satisfied with the sound quality with the Apple OEM earphones, again. So I thought, after 2 years of satisfaction with Apple products, no way am I getting a non-Apple phone. Or so I thought.

    Last month, I found a BlackBerry Bold on display in SingTel shop (largest telco here in Singapore), and I was curious, pop in my Apple OEM earphones and my microSDHC card, damn, I was very, VERY impressed by her sound quality.

    A week later, I bought the Bold for my girlfriend lol.

    On Valentine's Day, we bought an unlocked BlackBerry Storm, since none of the telcos here are bringing in the Storm.

    I was shocked if you ask me, that the sound quality on Storm was atrocious. Plain atrocious. I had to bring along my iPod touch just for music, defeats the purpose right?

    Then 2 days before, I finally took the plunge and updated my Storm 9500 to .109 OS. And I was more shocked than ever. The sound quality is now even worst than before. Every piece of decent music on my playlist cracks and gets unbearable. And bass, gosh, it was non-existent.

    Until this evening, after I exit from the MRT (subway in Singapore), the Storm reboots by itself. After the usual cursing, and the regret that fill the air for updating to .109, I pop in the earphones and, GOSH! The sound quality is almost comparable to the Bold!

    I didn't know reboots does such miracles. But after a few apps, calls and messages, the quality dropped to usual again.

    So I did a battery pull, the quality is back! I am not sure whether is it a OS issue, or hardware. I only know battery pull does such miracle for me. But to do a battery pull everytime I need to listen to music is kind of ******** isn't it?
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    are you using bluetooth earphones or wired? my storm is quite OK with wired phones (i have a 40 euro Phillips earbud). but when i use the bluetooth phones (a SonyEricsson IH-800 or so), then the quality is a horrible. i found myself today using the regular wired earphones rather than the expensive BT one.
    02-24-09 04:23 PM
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    But to do a battery pull everytime I need to listen to music is kind of ******** isn't it?
    Thats because the Storm is a TOOL not a TOY.

    Oh yeah, wait, it is supposed to be a Multimedia device isn't it? I'm sure by OS .785 RIM will figure out how to get an MP3 player to function.
    02-24-09 04:47 PM
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    You know whats weird? Im using the stock earphones that come with the phone and use my phone as an MP3 player also. When I leave my house and walk to the bus I notice how horrible the sound quality is. The Bass is completely drowned out and pretty much non existant. Now when im on my way back home a couple of hours later my earphones sounds much much better. I dont know if they need to warm up or anything but shet...its wierd. At first I thought it was the sh*tty headphones themselves but I guess I was wrong.
    02-24-09 09:28 PM
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    What's odd is you sold your iems and amps because the stock ipod earbuds were sufficient? Did I read that right?

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    I've noticed a bug where a message of any kind disables the audio boost until the phone is rebooted. Its annoying because as stated by the OP, when the audio boost is functioning, it sounds decent but that only lasts until you get a message.

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    02-24-09 09:40 PM