1. ermd2000's Avatar
    I have noticed two things since updating to .148

    1. I don't get my vibrate/sound when I get an email coming in. I get a normal ring with the phone. The SMS makes a vibrate and sound. I heard that this might have something to do with service books? I don't really know how or what to do to remedy this.

    2. I have noted that the soft keys on the side of my Storm (volume up/down) don't seem to be doing anything at this point. I seem to remember that if I used these, I would get a volume indicator of where I was at. Now nothing.

    Anyone with similar experience or any help would be greatly appreciated.

    06-01-09 02:22 AM
  2. Henry740's Avatar
    did you peform a battery pull?
    06-01-09 02:30 AM
  3. ermd2000's Avatar
    yes i did...about 3 times.
    06-01-09 02:56 AM