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    Just something to keep in mind while you are trying to solve battery issues......

    I run the 1600 and I am an abuser (LOL) 50-100 emails, 3 hrs talk time per day.

    I generally swap batteries around dinner time (~12hrs on a full charge).

    I have long suspected that it is the radio sucking up the juice( I am usually "on the road" all day and/or in stores with terrible reception).

    The past two days I have been in the office and while my phone usage has been "normal" I am ~60% battery at 6pm (instead of dead). BT on all day, GPS on, Facebook on, wb on, even spent a fair amount of time surfing with Opera.

    Only difference is that the phone hasn't had to spend the day searching for towers.

    Just keep that in mind if your battery usages takes a dive...it may not be anything more than the radio. (and not much can be done about that. My dumb phones would go dead after a few hours in certain parts of the country when I was "between" towers.)
    02-26-09 06:17 PM