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    So I have recently upgraded from to a Storm from the Pearl. The Storm is proving to be rather difficult at times for me. First, I cannot change the "Homescreen Preferences" at will. It will only let me choose that option only once after doing a battery pull and I cant seem to find out how to get there any other way. Second, is there only one theme that came with the storm? The only theme that shows up on my phone is the Precison Zen theme. The picture shows up toward the bottom of the screen. And I do not get the storm wallpaper pic only this cheesy red V as wallpaper and when searching for the other wallpapers this red V isn't even on there to choose from so where does it come from? And how do you get the lightining one? So when you are at your home screen and push the blackberry button, that brings you to the rest of all the icons. If you push the blackberry button again and when I try to choose options, nothing happens, I believe this is where you get to the homescreen preferences, but no luck. If I reset the Storm, then I can access it but only once. Any help out there would be much appreciated. Oh and is the latest device software from Verizon?
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    There is, unfortunately only 1 theme for the Storm! You can download some others, I think there are a few available. As for your Home screen, just press your BB button, highlight which button you want on your Home screen, press the BB button and select move. Move the button to the top and then it will appear on your Home screen. As for the Lightning bolt background, I believe you can download it as a picture and then set it as your background.
    02-27-09 01:34 AM
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    The Home Screen Options glitch was a problem on the early OS but has been fixed since OS .86. There is only one theme currently available for the storm but you can get more from the storm themes subforum (http://forums.crackberry.com/f131/). If you are comfortable updating to a leaked beta, I would try updating to at least .103 but .109 is the latest. These leaked betas will solve your problem and make the device speedier.

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    so how come when i try to wirelessly upgrade, it tells me that there are no upgrades available then. how would i get this .86 update?
    02-27-09 03:49 AM
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    You can't get it by wireless update because it is a leaked beta version meaning it is not officially released by BlackBerry. Do a search in the Crack Berry forums and you can download it from here. Just know that it is not the official upgrade. .75 is the latest official upgrade. By the way, there are a TON of free themes available in the forums as well. Just do a search for storm themes and find the one you like. My favorite is iChrome but apple berry is another really good one. Hope my rambling on helps. Good luck.

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