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    So i have read a lot of threads on upgrading firmware & what not already but still have some questions. I do not currently have the storm but am looking to upgrade to one.

    1.) My current phone (LG EnV) does not have a Sim card, and Verizon is my provider, is there any way to transfer my contacts/service without taking the phones into a Verizon store?

    2.) If i do have to take the phone into Verizon to get contacts/service transferred should i upgrade/hybridize the OS before or after?

    3.) I have Vista and have done the USB power settings modifications outlined in the Windows 7 and Vista USB Fix By bmerdinian thread.
    What are the chances of still bricking the Storm?

    4.) Are there different Storm versions i have seen a lot of descriptions about 9530/9500 is this only a change for different countries or are they updated/diffrent versions, like PSP and PSP slim?

    5.) Finally what exactly is a hybrid OS (seems the most popular here) i'm assuming it's a mix between the Stock blackberry OS and Homebrew, also what are the benefits of a hybrid OS?

    Thanks for reading/help and sorry if these questions were answered elsewhere.
    05-18-09 04:31 AM
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    1) don't know
    2) after when you update os's it will backup contacts
    3) possible you may but recovery is super easy. I have recovered 2 phones that were bricked from windows 7. I don't think you really even call it bricked it's almost 100% recoverable
    4) you want the 9530 since your on Verizon
    5) you are correct about the mix but its a mix of different oss all the parts of the hybrid were created by RIM people here just rearranged the puzzle pieces to majef a better picture.

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    05-18-09 04:44 AM
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    To answer your first question yes there is a way to backup your contacts and its called Backup Assistance. What you do is create a account on Verizon Wireless website, once you have done that all you have to do is download Backup assistance on your phone and download all your contacts that way.

    If you end up getting the Storm it will require you to get the contacts transfered from your env to the storm at the store. Once you have them on your new phone then install the software that comes with the Storm on your PC, once you do that it will allow you to backup your contacts to your computer.

    The 9530 is Verizons touch on the storm, the 9500 is the other carriers, nothing different in the phones, just the stock number.

    Yes the Hybrid OS is just a non approved OS that was released by RIM/Blackberry to be tested. Basically Cell Carriers test these on there phones and whichever one works the best on there phone they make it an offical release. Alot of storm owners use these Hybrid OS's because the crappy .75 OS that came with the phone is lackluster...but if your willing to deal with the stock OS then your probably better off. The Hybrids still have flaws but seem to run alot better on the Storm.

    Hope that helped you a little bit.
    05-18-09 04:49 AM
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    One last question.

    I'm not going to buy a storm but may be trading for one from a guy who claims he found it, so i's probably blacklisted and i won't be able to resister my service on it right?
    Is there any way to tell if that's the case?
    05-18-09 04:59 AM
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    Get the ESN and PIN phone and ask Verizon

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    05-18-09 05:06 AM
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    Thanks for all the info everyone.
    Glad you were all patient and helpful some forums will just jump on new people and bite their heads off.
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    05-18-09 05:09 AM
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    5. OS's are made up of a number of modules. A hybrid is what results when someone builds a complete OS by taking individual modules from a number of different OS versions. Some OS's have parts that are better than others, so creating a hybrid is supposed to be a way to combine the best pieces to end up with the best overall functionality. I'm running one put tpogether by lyricidal, it uses most of the leaked .141 OS, but replaces that browser with parts from a leaked 5.0 OS for the BB Bold, and also has an earlier module that undoes the locking change introduced in .141. These hybrids were never released as a single coherent version by RIM, the folks that make them just break apart the RIM releases and then put them back together using an assortment of piece versions, and they do not include any code created by anyone other than RIM.
    05-18-09 08:43 AM
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    You can just bluetooth your contact list

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    05-18-09 09:39 AM