1. SPRUNT's Avatar
    I was having issues trying to change my default email to a gmail account. I finally decided to delete the gmail account and then re-register it. When I did this I accidentally chose to sync contacts. Now all my contacts are friggin' gone! If I open my call history all the info is there for everyone, but not anywhere else.

    Anyone have any ideas on WTF happened and how to recover them? I can't imagine that they were all wiped out irrecoverably.

    BTW, I've checked for any filters, and even deleted the gmail contacts service book but still no joy.

    A little (or alot) of help would be very helpful.
    06-15-10 03:35 PM
  2. gregs87's Avatar
    When did you last back up your device? You should be able to restore them through Desktop Manager if you've backed up.
    06-15-10 03:50 PM
  3. SPRUNT's Avatar
    I backed up a week or two ago, but it's at home and I'm at work until 9pm or so tonight. I was hoping to be able to restore them today.

    I don't understand why the BB would completely wipe everything out instead of just appending my current contacts list.

    Like I said, in my recent calls list it shows my contacts and all their info (including caller ID pics) if I view them from there, but they are all gone from my contacts list. They still have to be on the phone somewhere, I just don't know where.
    06-15-10 04:00 PM
  4. gregs87's Avatar
    Well you can try to highlight the name in your phone log and hit the menu button and see if the option to add to contacts shows up (or view contact) ...that might give you somekind of clue as to what is going on. Did you have your contacts in groups?
    06-15-10 04:12 PM
  5. SPRUNT's Avatar
    No groups, just flat contacts.

    I saw an option for showing the SIM card contacts, but they're not even there either. Where the **** are they stored when you add them to the phone?

    I tried adding from my recent calls list but it only grabs the phone numbers. No addresses or caller ID pics or anything.

    06-15-10 04:27 PM