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    Just thought I'd share my experience witht the .75 upgrade. I woke up today with an alert that I could download the software upgrade to the phone. I did that. When I tried to install it, I was prompted to free up memory. Free up what? All I had on the phone was a few ringers and my outlook contacts. I called tech support and they told me to wipe it and during that process, it bricked. During a second call (an hour after wiping and holding on an empty white screen), I was told to go ahead and pull the battery even though the first tech said that could/would void the warranty.

    A battery pull allowed it to reboot, (yay) and I was then directed to download the update from vzam.net/blackberry and follow those prompts. That worked. I now have the upgrade and a working phone. I still haven't redone all the tweaks I had before but my phone works. The second tech offered to call me back (and did) to make sure it all worked and to walk me through any issues that might come up.

    First tech bricked it but was working on assumptions that had worked previously and the second tech got me where I needed to be. Just thought I'd share.

    12-07-08 05:56 PM