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    Wow... was that ugly. For some reason EVERYBODY in my office recieved a Storm (minus me since I'm an associate to the paralegals).

    Primarily they change blackberries yearly, and I guess this year they decided to get trendy and get touchscreens.

    So... Meeting starts... Guy says "Well.. We've had the phone for 72 hours+.. How do you feel about it.

    Female Paralegal #1: I'm not too sure. I send out 500 emails a day. Hard to keep contact using the keyboard + my nails get in the way.

    Guy Paralegal #1 (the butthole): Ugh.. I dont know. Its ugly to me.

    Main Paralegal: What does the phones "look" have to do with anything "chip" (thats his nickname for this post)

    "Chip": Its just not..a blackberry

    Main Paralegal: So.. If it walks like a blackberry, came in the blackberry box, has blackberry on the phone.. What is it? A damn duck?

    "Chip": Well it damn sure aint a Nokia.

    Entire Office: [Laughter]

    Sorry..... just something I figured would cheer everybody without their storms up today. Found it to be hilarious.
    11-24-08 10:11 AM