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    Let me just preface this by saying that I love my storm. I haven't had many issues with it &im fine waiting for updates. I've been having issues with the phone rebooting while in the bbm. I still waited before calling Verizon because I thought it was a software issue as well. However today I called because my sister emailed me pic as an attachment &it wouldn't open it. It kept saying "this attachment can't be viewed on your type of device". So I called Verizon who of course had me do a batt pull even tho I told him I'd done it right before I called. We went through all the bs steps and 40min later he tells me to hold so he could get me to RIM tech support because he has no idea what to do. 15min later I get to the RIM tech who tells me to hold while he checks on my device. 8min later the music cuts off. 3min later the Verizon guy comes back on&says he's sure the RIM tech will be back. 10min after that he says he's gonna hang up and call back back. 15min later I get a new RIM tech who asks me the same questions all over again then asks me to have someone email me an attachment to see if I could open it. I get on bbm&see if anyone can send me something ASAP. Of course everyones busy. So we wait. 5min later I ask him why he can't just send me a test email like vz techs do. He says he would but he never setup his work email so he can't. Huh? After 15min I get a word doc sent, a memo pad doc, a jpeg pic &an html file. The phone gives me the same error message when I try and open both word&html. He then says that its because storms are not able to read html files. Ok, I'm not a comp genius like a lot of you maybe but I say to him "can't it support pretty much all files?the vz tech checked that &he said it should." He then stays quiet &i think he hung up on me but he comes back on& says he's gonna give me my case # & that he's gonna connect me to a senior tech because he can't answer my questions.

    Ok. At that point I was exhausted. I was sick of elevator music&dead air. So I just hung up. Idk I mean I thought that the ppl working for RIM would be better than vz techs but I essentially wasted over an hr&a half on the phone with 2 techs that didn't know jack. That sucks. BUT there is a sort of happy ending. About 10min after I hung up I get a call from a girl tech who sounds like she knows exactly what she's doing&i feel better. However I wasn't at home so I didn't have my dm in front of me so I gotta call back tonite. Lol

    After all this I still love my storm&wouldnt trade it for anything!sorry for the long story!

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    01-23-09 01:29 AM
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    With these techs it is a hit or miss!

    My fist one told me that I was over my 30 days and it was not honored til the 15th for a replacement!

    The second one was so informative that I actually took his number down and his extension in case I had any other problems I would deal with him and hopefully only him!.
    01-23-09 03:51 AM