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    ok so before i begin im warning you all that im a noob and im definitely not very technologically savvy, but i know enough to do the things i need to. except when it comes to this new phone. my dad bought a new storm for himself, and gave me the free one that came with it with the verizon promotion or whatever. so i wasnt about to turn down what i thought was a perfectly good brand new phone

    anyways, my screen is constantly freezing, and not for short 30 sec to a min thing, itll freeze anywhere between 5 and 15 minutes. a lot of times ill be getting a call, and the screen will freeze and i can stare at the incoming call but my phone wont let me answer it bc its frozen. and while ill be texting, after every couple of letters i hit, that evil little clock timer will pop up again for a few seconds. but imagine trying to text fast and having to stop and wait after every 2-3 letters .. its gets very aggravating .. fast.

    another problem that i just recently came upon was while i was texting again. all the sudden the screen froze, but for the first time it was frozen without the evil clock timer in the middle of the screen. instead, there were a couple white streaks going through the keyboard, and then after about 2 min, it was like everything was a mirrored image. everything was backwards and on the opposite side of the screen. i exited out of the texting, and saw that my entire phone was like that. turning it off didnt do anything, it only corrected itself after i took the battery out.

    now, ordinarily i would go to the verizon store to solve these problems. bc ive done the updates, and im not really sure what else i could do on my own without having to go to the store. i planned on going to the store on saturday actually, buuuut then i broke my ankle while riding my bike (long story) and im stuck in my house. actually bc of my screen freezing for so long, it took me almost 20 min for me to finally call an ambulance, bc i had to call my work first, and im sorry but thats effing rediculous. but if i dont do something with this phone, and i have to deal with it like this until i can leave my house, im going to end up throwing it against the wall and watch it shatter into a thousand pieces in frustration.

    someone please (try to) help me! ill be eternally grateful plus youll be saving my phone from an absolutely terrible and horrid death.
    06-04-09 10:15 PM
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    How long have you had the phone? If less than 30 days, take it back for a new phone.
    06-04-09 10:40 PM
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    passed the 30 days unfortunately, by about 2 weeks now
    06-04-09 10:42 PM
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    That sux, but if it's so flakey, I would get a refurb. It can't be any worse than what you got right now. Probably will be better. The phone has a 1 year manufacturer warranty, so if it is a hardware/software problem you would get a refurb. Call Verizon. They will send you a refurb via fed ex. When you get it, you send the other one back.
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    06-04-09 10:45 PM
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    Upgrade your OS and welcome to www.Crackberry.com Seriously though - Upgrade your OS. I am not kidding, it is free, just click on this link. http://forums.crackberry.com/f132/al...-betas-123176/
    06-04-09 10:48 PM
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    uhm .. idk what a refurb is lol im sorry. is it like a new phone or something? haha i warned you i was a noob

    and thank you for the link, ill check it out right now!
    06-04-09 11:03 PM
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    Sounds like you never performed a battery pull. Just take the battery out and put it back in. also make sure you are running .148 you can check at options> about.

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    06-04-09 11:20 PM
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    06-05-09 04:03 AM