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    Hello everyone, well I was actually really excited about hearing about the new leak for the .99 update, so of course like mostly EVERYONE, I went ahead and downloaded it and here is what I found so far.

    This is basically a simple explanation for people who are still trying to figure out if they want to upgrade or stay the same, and most importantly NEWBIES like myself =)

    1. No freeze ups so far, and no verizon lag after charging overnight. I was getting this every now and then on the previous upgrade, but not even an issue now.

    2. CAMERA/VIDEO/VOICE NOTES ARE BACK!!--yes I am actually quite happy about this rising from the ashes haha. It was a huge bug ever since these leaked updates being surfacing, but now all three of these features seem to be working and actually saving. That was a problem they wouldnt show them to you after they saved. Cheers on that!

    3. Keyboard seems to be the same as before, you still can have full keyboard in potrait mode. Glad they kept this.

    4. MUSIC CUTS OFF!! So some are getting this including myself which is a real pain, but seems some have it and some don't, as I mostly use my mobile for calling/texting/browsing, this doesnt really make me want to go chuck it somewhere. Unfortuatly for people who use their phone for all the bells and whistles, then this might not be the upgrade for you.

    5. I have had an issue with my email settings, and I dont know if that is a bug with the new update, due to the fact it was working before the upgrade, but I wont say its because of this so soon...if anyone else had this plus let me know I aint alone.

    6. The screen moves from potrait to landscape in amazing speed, changing to and from a menu is actually more smoother then before. Other upgrades had a sorta laggy feel to it, and most important to me was the fact the landscape menu would pop up when I placed the phone down, now it seems to more accurate to go to landscape..big plus!!!

    7. Text size, well this actually was bigger in the last update, but it seems it went back to normal size, no biggie for me, which I wish they would maybe add a font size for the menu, but am not complaining too much.

    8. Browser, well I found that it was a little bit quicker in going to pages, and the newest cool thing about it is when you type in an address there is now a green "GO" button. That is always cool haha.

    9. Texting and MMS are the same..no difference there.

    10. Finally the backlight, this seems to be more accurate now and seems to be finally fixed (maybe) mine would stay on or go dark then SURPRISE come back on, which would make me need to do a battery pull..

    As before I remind anyone who is considering this upgrade to read everything you can on it BEFORE you upgrade. This upgrade might be great for some people but what works for us maybe wont work for you.

    This is a *beta* release so you got to take it as it appears, we still dont know yet when verizon will release an official one, but im very happy that they noticed and hear all the complaints and are trying to actually fix em, just hope it all happens before my contract is up hahaha..

    Cheers! =)
    02-02-09 03:06 PM