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    Hey Everyone,

    I'm sure everyone here has seen Smule applications on the iphone and wow'ed over them because of how amazing they are.

    Just in case you have not seen or heard of them check out this site: Smule is Sonic Media

    They have a few over the top applications.

    I wrote them an e-mail asking if they had any intentions on creating applications for the storm in the future and this is the response I got back:

    "Hi Robert,

    If I am not mistaken there has been some consideration and looking into making applications for platforms other than the iPhone. It may happen in the future at some point, but if it does I don't believe it will be anytime too soon.

    Smule Support"

    This isn't any sort of guarantee but maybe something to look forward to and keep our fingers crossed on!

    Just thought I would share.
    03-08-09 08:39 PM
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    for the record, I didnt even notice the other smule topic from 30 mins ago! Ooops!
    03-08-09 08:44 PM