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    Ok Here is my problem.

    I Live in Germany, and I recently purchased a Storm 9550 on Ebay, it was a Verizon unlocked phone from the States. I got it, updated to the latest official OS (.607) and other then some battery issues, there was no other seeming problems, until about a week ago.

    I started to notice that I could receive all SMS messages, but I was not able to send them back. The delivery report of the message said delivered....so I ran some tests on my friends berry's, and I saw that they never got any of the messages.

    So I hopped on Crackberry, looked at some posts about this and people were saying that I just need to re-send the Host-Routing Table message. Did that numerous times, but directly after I would go to e-mail settings, it would say I would need to do it again. I then tried to reset my Vodafone Service Center number, but for some reason, under my SMS/ Text under options, there is no Service center number, only the callback number.

    Now I'm stuck, and I'm wondering if i should just downgrade the OS, maybe its the OS having a problem.....or if there is any other tips, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.
    05-08-10 02:26 AM