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    Disclaimer: I have searched for an answer to this and not found one so if this has been previously asked and answered, I apologize ahead of time.

    I recently changed my messages inboxes around because I wanted my SMS's and BBM's to be in one inbox. So I currently have it set for the main message inbox to include SMS and MMS and within BBM I have it set to include them in main message list. That was all fine and dandy however now that my SMS's are coming to the main message inbox, I no longer get the notification symbol for an SMS, only for a "message". I would like to still receive the SMS notification symbol so I can distinguish from my emails. (I do not have my emails set to appear in the main message inbox as I like them separate from SMS and BBM's.)

    The reason I like them set this way is because I set my right convenience key to my Gmail and my left convenience key to the main message inbox. I have the icons for email, bbm, sms totally hidden as I like my screen super uncluttered.

    I know it's kinda anal , but I liked the different symbols so I would know which convenience button to push . The first picture attached shows what I get when I receive a SMS now (same symbol as I get for emails hence the problem) and the second picture shows the symbol I would LIKE to receive still. (just in-case what I'm trying to describe doesn't make sense)

    So my question is, is there a way to get the SMS symbol back without having to remove SMS's from the main message inbox? (Since this is the only way I know of to receive the SMS's and BBM's together, which I also would like to keep). OR is there a way to get BBMs to appear together with SMS that I'm not aware of without going thru main message inbox??

    Maybe another question I should ask that would help to know ...

    **To others that have SMS in main inbox or are familiar with this, is it simply the case that having SMS appear in main message inbox will only allow the standard message notification symbol?

    I have never had my SMS in my main message inbox till now since I got my phone over a year ago so I'm not familiar with what symbol main msg inbox normally has for SMS.
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    No ones got anything on this?
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