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    Last night I had my storm charging and a message popped up "Uncaught exception: Index 12>=12". I exited that message and noticed my icons were moved and then noticed that the sms and mms icon was gone. My message icon is still there but all my sms texts were gone also. I tried to send a sms. I can select sms and when I try to select the contact I want to send a text to, it won't click when I hit ok. I cannot receive any texts. I did a battery pull all night and had my account refresh and still nothi g. I have Cricket service so my ph is flashed. I also notice that on the options menu I still see MMS but the SMS is gone and also when I open up the message icon and I press the menu button to options the sms is gone also but the mms is still there.. I don't know if I need to take it to get flashed again cus everything was fine untilast night or do I need to get it reprogrammed.. Anybody have any ideas on what that error message is and why it popped up. Everytime I did a battery pull, it keeps popping up. Any advice is gonna be appreciated.

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    08-20-10 11:16 AM
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    Stll haven't found out what might be wrong. I put my theme back as the origin one and had icons put back to its original order. I also noticed that on the alerts, I see phone, mms, instant message but the sms is gone. So it looks like all traces of the sms messages are gone but the mms are still workin.. Anybody, any ideas.. Oh I'm still gettin the error message everytime I power on...

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    08-21-10 04:16 PM
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    Ok. I've been looking online and I read that I might need to send the service books again. So how can I find out which ones to get and can I do it thru the phone or will I have to plug it in computer. Also my phone is flashed to cricket. Will it get unflashed once I send the service books. Any advice from anyone will be appreciated..

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    08-23-10 10:06 AM