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    What I miss most from my old Treo is the ability to store generic sms text replies to answer incoming text messages fast with no typing.
    If I'm in a meeting or on a call and I get a text, I could just pull up a pre-typed reply and let the other person know my answer, or that I'm busy and will get back to them later. A couple of keystrokes with one hand and the text is answered.
    So simple yet so far away.
    I have not found an app for this. Anyone know of one out there?

    Yes, I know that you can program letter combinations to EXPAND into full replies, but that represents two other problems:
    1. If you use that shortcut in normal typing it will automatically expand creating a nuisance that you then must delete. (dangerous if it contains an "I love you" and is accidentally sent to a business contact....don't ask!)
    2. I would have to create and then remember too many letter combos (15-20) to cover almost all possibilities with a generic reply. Much easier to just view a list and select one.
    06-01-10 07:28 AM