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    Recently I've been having my problems with my bb storms text so I come looking for awnsers. I have metro pcs on my bb an so dose my girl but lately she hasn't been receiving my text as she tells me. I send a message an it dose the check an then there is a D that is on top of the check. What dose that D mean??? Cuz when I send text to other people it dosent pop up the D only shows when I text her phone so can you tell me what it means thanks

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    04-01-10 01:04 AM
  2. fatkidkustomz#CB's Avatar
    The check mark means it's sent. The "D" just means that the message has been delivered. Not that it has been read. It only shows up if the person you message has the same service you do. For example, I'm on Verizon. If I text Verizon numbers, I get a check mark when it's sent, and a "D" when it gets to my friend's phones. When I text AT&T phones, all I get is a check saying it sent properly.
    04-01-10 07:55 AM