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    Just installed the free Smrtguard on my Storm 2 and it's frozen a couple of times when I've tried to login, don't know what that's about but my main question is how to I access the option, the permissions? They appeared when I first installed it but now I can't find out how to access it them. Perhaps I don't need to? If they are all default ones and work properly, do I need to change them? I'm using this app in its simplest form, for basic security.

    I've read other posts and my app does not seem to have an 'advanced options' menu unless I cannot find it!

    Thanks in advance for your help.
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    05-15-10 03:07 PM
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    Go to options->applications->smrtguard->edit permissions-> set all to allow

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    05-15-10 04:30 PM
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    Thank you! That's all set. Is anyone else having a problem with the screen freezing when I'm trying to put in the password?
    05-15-10 08:34 PM
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    And the other thing I can't work out is my location! When I sign into the web page and try and test it, it tells me my location is not available. I'm not living in the country, I live in a city!
    05-15-10 08:40 PM