1. gerryd2's Avatar
    Since upgrading to .100 *no outgoing emails

    I can get incoming emails ok, but when i try and reply to or send out emails
    if fails

    and I get " message status : Failed to send message - packet error "

    any ideas???

    02-09-09 07:55 PM
  2. bsydoc's Avatar
    hey there I had this problem with .99 on my 9530... i had to reset up my email accounts..I am using BIS not BES..so if you are using BES this may not work for you..but try anyways...I deleted my email accounts in the blackberry email settings and set up the mail addresses again as if they were new..then voila everything worked.you will know it works if you get a registration message from the blackberry server that says your mail is set up successfully and you should get mail within 20 minutes..

    also after all that ...I did a battery pull and everything worked perfectly..send and recieve no problems

    hope you get this message and try

    02-11-09 03:28 PM