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    All the solitaire games out there (except one) seem to be more into aesthetics than simple functionality. I love Solytare 3.0.4 because of its simple appearance. I don't see so well so I need simple BIG cards with a plain background (see below). The problem with solytare is that it was developed many years ago and is not fully compatible with the storm. For example, every time a call or sms, etc., comes in the current game resets. Or if I close the game in the middle of a shuffle, the game goes wack (most of the time extra aces show up). In fact I was in the middle of a really good run when I took this zonasnap below and the game reset! I play Solytare almost as much as thumdoku and would really like someone to write a simple solitaire game that looks like this image below. Please.

    05-15-10 07:13 AM
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    I bought Solitaire Legends for my 9550 from Bplay and I'm very happy with it. They have a half price sale right now too!

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    05-15-10 07:57 AM
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    Thanks for your quick reply and suggestion. I just bought it on Mobihand because I really couldn't tell anything from the images. I had hoped there might be a way to have plain background and adjust the card faces and sizes... My point is the background is still too cluttered and Solytare's cards are easier to see. Software Legends is visually appealing but still too much clutter for me to see...


    Solitaire Legends:
    05-15-10 09:26 AM