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    Hey everyone. I'm a long time lurker on these boards, though I don't really post here at all (seldom have anything to contribute.)

    I've owned a VZW Storm 9530 for about a month now. When I bought it the first thing I did was look around online for some cool stuff I could do to it and happened upon these various leaked OS'. .85 had just been released and I was reading a lot of feedback from people saying it was faster, etc. I downloaded it, installed it, and now run it on a daily basis.

    I guess my main question is how often do new versions of these OS' come out? I didn't look on the board here for a couple weeks and it looks like two more have already been released in just that period of time. How often do the "real" updated OS' (as in not leaks) get released? Should I be expecting to do this stuff all the time?

    I guess the simple answer is "upgrade whenever you want to or if there's a problem you want fixed" but I keep hearing half the people say some new version is faster and half say the new version crashed/sucks/etc. Thus far I don't have any problems but if there's a way to improve performance I'm always going to give it a shot.

    So do you guys really upgrade every week? Or is it just because this is a new device?
    01-20-09 04:37 PM
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    The OS's floating around are leaked and not approved for use by Verizon, the easiest and most stable way to upgrade is to wait for official software releases, that way most of the bugs are worked out. Installing a leaked OS is luck of the draw it seems as some people think they are horible (or just one version) and others think they are the best option at the time.

    I upgrade when I am bored for something to play around with. I just had to downgrade from .86 to .75 though because I am getting a replacement device (muddy sound from mic). Will I upgrade my new phone? Probrably, but that's just because I tinker. If you don't want to mess around then there is no need to upgrade till the next official release.
    01-20-09 05:16 PM
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    To answer your question, no. New official OS updates (as in put out by your provider) are not very common. They are often cosmetic in nature, usually enhancing the operation of the device. My first BB a Pearl had a OS update put out shortly after I bought mine back in March. The 4.5 OS wasn't released by Verizon until Oct. So no they are not very common. The Storm is a different matter completely. It was rushed to market to soon, and the OS was half baked. In response to this VZW put out an official OS update back in December that was .75. I believe it was Tellus that came out with .76 even though they hadn't officially begun selling them yet. Both .75 and .76 are reliable OS's. They are stable if a bit on the slow side. The .8x series has sped things up a bit, but in the process unleashed two horrible bugs, the VZW splash freeze and the Media Card freeze, both are absolutly horrible in that the require a battery pull to resolve. I have had to do 4 consecutive battery pulls on a couple of occassion to finally get my Storm to load up. There are ways to avoid these bugs, like turning off all connections before doing a battery pull or soft reset. I have had a ton of misc freezes as well, which also require me to pull out the media card to avoid the media card freezes. Those two bugs have affected me aton, and I can't wait until a new leak comes out to fix them. .75 was initially a leak, and then it went official. The .8x series has all been leaked. They have been coming in two week intervals but you shouldn't count on that to continue.
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    so the newest official os for verizon is
    01-20-09 07:59 PM
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    so the newest official os for verizon is
    That is correct. The latest VZW release is .75.
    01-20-09 08:09 PM
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    It is expected that VZW will approve one of these versions in the upcoming weeks. Nothing is certain of course, but VZW realizes that the software is not quite there yet, but so far they have not found a version they were willing to "certify" Rumor is one of the .9X(s) will be released, BUT you never know.
    01-20-09 08:27 PM
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    Leaked OS updates lately seem to be showing up about once a week give or take a few days. Sometimes they fix things, sometimes they break things, but there's always a group of people who like tinkering with things, and you find a high concentration of such people here.

    I'm a first time BB owner, but from what I've gathered from others, the rate of leaked updates for the Storm is on the high side. I believe Crucial said we were spoiled, and probably rightly so. The sales success of the Storm caught Verizon and RIM offguard, being quite a bit higher than anticipated, and I imagine that's what has generated all these builds. Regardless of whom, if anyone, is to blame, the .65 release that shipped with most Storms was a bit lackluster. It worked, but it was really pretty slow. So I think a lot of people are updating in hopes that a new build will address the performance issues and not really break anything else. Once things stabilize a bit on the OS front, I suspect the ranks of the updaters will shrink to just the tinkering crowd. And sooner or later the good times of a new leak about once a week will surely come to an end as well. Withdrawal will be h3ll, but we'll adjust.
    01-20-09 08:35 PM
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    Well I'm a bit of a tinkerer myself so no complaints here. I was just curious about weather such frequent unofficial updates are common with bb devices. Thanks for the replies!

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    01-21-09 01:25 AM