1. Ozren's Avatar
    Still haven't gotten my storm (then again, many haven't) and I'm waiting to decide 100% if I'm going to get it. I was going to order it today when I found some info on the Samsung Omnia...

    What do you guys think (I know this is a blackberry-oriented site, but I'm looking for some unbiased feedback). Should I get the Storm or the Omnia...Personally, I don't care for the 5MP camera since I don't take too many pictures and the pictures that come from the 3.2MP Storm seem fine to me. But in terms of browser, speed, touch screen usage, etc...which do you think is the overall better phone?

    Right now I'm still leaning on the Storm, only have like a 20% intrigue by the Omnia....Though the WiFi is nice...

    11-25-08 05:48 PM
  2. Ozren's Avatar
    Sorry, topic title is a bit misleading...I do want a new phone and I am at the point of either sticking with the phone I already have or switching to the Blackberry Storm. Just trying to see if the Omnia has any solid "hits" against the Storm that would make it a better buy (even it is 50 bucks more) than the Storm.
    11-25-08 05:57 PM
  3. realitydigg's Avatar
    I got mine today and have been playing with it since fedex arrived. There is nothing about the storm i did not learn about ahead of time from this forum and others. I love it, I expect it to get better, and i think the Omnia will be agreat phone, but not a bberry. It all comes down to what you want. By the way i already got an iPhone user to whip his out when he saw mine playing the preloaded video and then buckle at the knees when i flew through everything it could do that his couldnt (i know there is stuff iPhone can do that Storm can't) but it was worth it just for that
    11-25-08 06:06 PM
  4. wangster's Avatar
    When would the Omnia come out?
    11-25-08 06:08 PM
  5. MMaggio's Avatar
    The Omnia is available online November 26 and in stores December 8th. I personally am in the same boat as you. I was all for the storm but after playing with it I wasn't too fond of the clicking system but I'm sure I could get used to it. The Wi-Fi on the Omnia definitely is nice, but the lack of a 3.5mm jack is pretty disappointing. I think my biggest selling point is applications/software, which device is available to more software?
    11-25-08 06:14 PM
  6. ochocinco69's Avatar
    I would wait for the storm..honestly, I never had a blackberry my life and I have no complaints about this phone whats so ever. Its only been a few days since it came out. Ofcourse theres going to be minor glitches here and there. It happened with the xbox 360, Ps3 and the Iphone. People are over exagerating the on how there storm sucks. if you live in the sticks/wood then your phone well get some crappy a.ss service.

    Today, I even received a follow up call from verizon to see how are things going with my phone & to make sure iam satisfied. Then from there i had her transfer me over to tech support to get the exact break down on the hover period, tap interval and swipe sensitivity(controls keyboard and swipe settings). Then i adjusted them to how fast i write and go thru emails and how fast i text. so no im good to go.

    Always try things out for yourself. Alot of people dont have patience and expect everything to be perfect right away.. you have 30days
    11-25-08 06:20 PM