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    We'll i been pretty happy with my storm but then i been reading on here that people have gaps on with their screen. Mine has a little small gap and when its lite on i see like the dust particles that everyone's talking about. Also the click is good around they keyboard area, but the middle sides aren't. My question is am i too picky or is this a defective phone? Also if i call Verizon for another phone, how do i save my contacts somewhere so when they send me a new one i can just transfer it? Thanks !
    01-20-09 08:07 PM
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    ok first small gaps are fine . remember this is a floating screen and needs to have some play in order to "click" . also if you think you have dust particals go to a well lit area in your house and blow on the screen long ways and wipe off the haze on the top of the screen and see if its under the screen if so yes return it .you then have a defective phone. if you look further into the screen click problem you can do the torx fix or credit card behind the battery which is explained in another thread for the storm. and if you are going to return it install the blackberry disk and back up your storm to your pc ..

    well i hope that answers your questions and explains everything to you let me know how it goes

    ** camarofever **
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    01-20-09 08:13 PM
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    Wow. Gaps are normal on the phone a lot of people are overly picky about the phone. As for the dust, make sure that the dots for the sensors is not being mistaken as dust. Returning it for dust is silly, IMO, unless you can't see the screen because of it. As of now I have maybe a spec of dust but I stress maybe cause it goes away. My issue is finger prints, they impair my view more than dust does, I would suggest exchanging it more for finger prints rather than dust.

    P.S. I was just joking about exchanging it because of finger prints.
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    01-20-09 08:38 PM
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    Are you trying to decide if there it a problem based on what others claim, or is there something legitimately wrong with the device. It seems as if many people have been "buying into" the hype that there is so many issues with this device that they can not mak up their own mind. Would you return it if you had not read on here about those that have returned it?

    As for "gaps" around the screen - there needs to be a slight gap, otherwise how would the screen move? Is the gap excessive? that is for you to decide. Mine has a slight gap, and yes I can see light, and I notice it more when it is dark out or I am in a dimly lit room.

    As for dust - is it under the screen protector or really under the glass. In reality, keeping ALL the dust out would be a great undertaking. I do not have it, or do not notice it. Again a decision you have to make.
    01-20-09 08:48 PM
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    is the dust like behind your screen? because if its just in the gaps that's normal and can be rid-ed of easily..... screen clicking is normal and will get better over time.
    01-20-09 09:24 PM