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    Let me start by saying no matter how many weird things that have happened with my storm, I love it, with that out of the way, I have read many posts on the mic of the storm, people stating that the other party that they speak with says that they are muffled. What I am trying to determine is that should I exchange my storm for the 3rd time or should I wait to see if an official upgrade will cure the problem. I am still within my 30 days with Verizon. Some of the other issues is that I am doing a battery pull 2-3 times daily and that my unit seems to be running slower as the day wears on. I just am dreading sending out info again for BB messenger and then setting up my storm to my taste. Any suggestions welcome and Thank you.
    02-08-09 09:51 PM
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    Which OS are you running? If your up to it, try installing other OS' to see if it is a software issue. If it is not fixed no update will cure your problem and it is bad hardware. Also, when u use the Blackberry Desktop Manager, it should copy all your settings including BBM contacts and restore them on new device. Backup/Restore
    02-08-09 10:04 PM
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    Honestly if I were you I would get another phone software is one thing but if phone quality is an issue it really takes away from everything else. I took back my first storm in nov because of camera issues but since then I've not had a major problem and since I upgraded to .99 OS. I've cut down my battery pulls to the point that I may do it once a week to see my memory numbers go up. But you shouldn't have to deal with those issues, afterall you paid you deserve a quality product..

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    02-09-09 01:08 AM
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    He*l would freeze before I exchange my Storm!
    02-09-09 07:20 AM
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    Thank you for quick response.. I took your suggestions and found a pc since I am a MAC user to backup all my data. Now as for the OS I believe it is .75. I am a freelance photojournalists and 95% of the newspaper photo editors that I shoot for have bb. I hate to keep asking them to add me back to their BBm. They are busy enough as it is and just honestly afraid of them just saying forget it and not add me and take me off their freelance lists. That is what Im afraid of.
    02-09-09 07:58 AM
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    I was going to say return it, but then I read your post about your work. Since your livelihood is involved, I would just keep it.
    02-09-09 08:23 AM
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    Yea I guess in your situation maybe you should search through the forums to see how other people who had the same problem dealt with their muffled phone sound, but I think you should also investigate upgrading your OS, just read the forums and give yourself enough time where if somethings not right you can go back

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    02-09-09 09:26 AM
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    Thanks I appreciate your help in this matter. I have pulled a few more apps off of my storm seems to be running better and I also installed quickpull to stop me from taking my battery out. It becomes a pain to keep taking of my Seidio innocase 2.
    02-09-09 10:08 PM