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    I suppose this isn't about any app in particular, but thought I'd think out loud for a moment (yes I know it's text and not audible).

    Nevertheless, when a developer releases an application for trial, where I appreciate greatly the opportunity to try it out, a 3 day trial (for instance) doesn't really give me enough time to 'get hooked' on the application.

    What I mean by that, is that we're busy with our lives, our families, our jobs, etc. At least for me, I could download an app at 2am, play around with it for an hour, then crash out for the night and not really have time to play around with it again until 2 days later possibly.

    It seems as if developers would extend trials a bit to give the possible buyer the opportunity to integrate their software into their daily lives to where they can't live without it.

    This, by no means, as an indictment against any app producer, I'm just using this as an example: Quick Launch. I downloaded the trial, thought it was kind of cool and I see everyone going crazy about it here. However, I didn't have ample time to get hooked on it, I ended up deleting it. If I had another week or so to make it a part of my routine, I might have ended up purchasing it.

    Once again, the developer wrote the program and can set whatever parameters they choose to implement, most definitely understood. I just don't see how they ultimately would lose business for extending a trial for a longer period of time so the user could become more accustomed to their hard work.

    (a rant perhaps? about 3rd party apps. mods, move to where more appropriate if need be)
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