1. mudusmc's Avatar
    is there a way to sync sheets to go every time I dock my BB?
    02-17-09 03:10 AM
  2. ArmaK's Avatar
    No, there isn't a way to get bi-directional sync with Sheets To Go since the app doesn't work that way. The reason for this is that sheets to go is really a 3rd party app created by dataviz, even though it comes with the storm. But dataviz said that if people were interested, they can respond to the Customer Feedback Area. The easiest way to update your spreadsheets every time you sync is to use the drag and drop technique from mass storage mode.

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    02-17-09 09:07 AM
  3. mudusmc's Avatar
    Thanks for the info. Too bad I'm sure that I'm not the only one that would use this
    02-17-09 04:04 PM