07-19-10 05:36 PM
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  1. SwsFoe's Avatar
    I would suggest visiting a Verizon store and messing with the texting feature on the HTC devices. That was the deal breaker for me. I can type so much better on any blackberry.
    07-19-10 02:47 PM
  2. bigbadwulff's Avatar
    I can type very well on a Storm but regular BBs?.....no way. Never liked physical keyboards.
    Gotta be in landscape for me.
    07-19-10 03:10 PM
  3. pcgizmo#IM's Avatar
    Thanks to all of your replies I'm feeling much better about this whole thing. I'm 99 % sure I'm staying with blackberry. I will however, play with the fiancees Droid when he gets it to see what I think. I strongly believe I'd miss BB if I got something else, no matter what it was.

    So, I'll be taking advantage of the insurance I've been paying for and see what I get..a new phone or a refurb...hopefully it'll all work out and at least my screen will no longer look like spiders took it over.
    If you get a refurb and it has issues, call right away and get it replaced. My cousin went thru 2 refurbs and they ended up sending him a BNIB replacement.
    07-19-10 03:14 PM
  4. aboutDbuzz's Avatar
    Think I'm gonna wait on the Fascinate(Samsung Galaxy-S). May get the Droid-X and turn it in within 30 days when the Fascinate comes out(hopefully it will be within a month).
    Oh, please don't.. Samsung Fascinate will not have camera flash (unless they change their mind before launch), no dedicated camera button, with 4.0 inch size screen versus Motorola Droid X's 4.3 inch. Moreover, Motorola has a strong community for custom ROMs and modifications. Currently, Droid X's multitouch keyboard is the best on the Android platform.

    Droid X is the best Android phone on Verizon at the moment (even after Samsung Fascinate's launch). But like I said before, if you like your Storm 2, I will advise you hold on to it and wait for Storm 3. 2 major features lacking on the current Droid: Front-facing camera and 4G capability. These means it will be out of fashion in less than a year.

    Storm 3 will be released with 4G radio (LTE capable), making it future proof. IF Verizon rolls out LTE in Q1 2011 (in about 6 months) Droid owners will have an obsolete phones.

    IF you absolutely need to experience the Android OS, keep your NE2 but look for a cheap HTC Hero on eBay. They are about $100 or $150. You will be able to run the latest Android OS on it (if you are tech savvy).
    07-19-10 03:18 PM
  5. missyzane's Avatar
    So I had no idea there was already a S3 in the works. Oh my Now I'm excited...why did I have to drop my S2 this early ....
    07-19-10 03:35 PM
  6. missyzane's Avatar
    If you get a refurb and it has issues, call right away and get it replaced. My cousin went thru 2 refurbs and they ended up sending him a BNIB replacement.
    TYVM for the advice. I'll know whether or not it has issues right away because the phone never leaves my hands according to anyone who knows me ....(well unless of course I drop it )
    07-19-10 03:37 PM
  7. Sparkmaster's Avatar
    Phone is brand new in box.. Received my 2nd replacement in 2 weeks.. Yes I dropped 2 and screen shattered.. My also was about 2' high and fell on its own.. Don't ask me how..

    Anyways, Brand new in box like you get at Verizon and all you do is send back the Phone. Keep the battery, Charger and Memory card..
    07-19-10 05:25 PM
  8. 1812dave's Avatar
    copied from BBF:

    "You can go to Options > Status and type "buyr" without quotes. Just type it when the Status screen is up. Don't worry that there is no field to type in. This will bring up a couple of hidden lines at the bottom of the Status screen listing talk time and data usage.

    It should be close to zero for a new device in both categories, but a little data usage is normal as BBs make network connections, or try to, as soon as they're powered on."
    07-19-10 05:31 PM
  9. pcgizmo#IM's Avatar
    It'll be very easy to tell what it is. If it comes in a brown box with no battery/battery cover it's a refurb. Brand new will be in the retail box with all the accessories.
    07-19-10 05:36 PM
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