1. pipotobe's Avatar
    Shame on you R.I.M.

    Shame on you R.I.M! I thought that Rim was a Canadian company. So as a Canadian should I get the information about the Storm first?

    Its not the fact that the phone was released in the Uk a week ago or that its going to be released in the Us November 21 right? The problem is that we dont even know how much its going to cost in Canada.

    The review from Kevin was freaking amazing, but I need to know, and I need to see and feel that phone. How come there is a Storm going around the world and I cant even feel a breeze of the hurricane that is actually coming trough!!!

    Come on Rim give us a little plastic dummy phone to play with, we need this! Is that too much to ask? I have subscribed to the Telus Storm update page, but I have received nothing yet except for an email confirmation.

    I know I need help, really bad but I have waited for a long long time for this. Im definitely not going to have an Iphone to replace this touch crave that I have.

    Anybody, can somebody cure me? I just cant wait anymore. Please pull me out of the dark.

    11-19-08 08:04 PM
  2. shawn122's Avatar
    lol...Canada got the Bold first..
    We can't have all the fun
    11-19-08 08:06 PM
  3. pipotobe's Avatar
    lol...Canada got the Bold first..
    We can't have all the fun

    You're right about that one
    11-19-08 08:25 PM
  4. spektakle's Avatar
    **** I live down the street from RIM and don't have one. We know approx it will be Dec 8. Price what I have heard is $299 on a 3 year which I hope is wrong cause that sucks
    11-19-08 08:29 PM