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    so here's my situation. i bought my storm 4 days ago with the 30 dollar internet fee and all that. on the first day i had it i registered on the setup wizard and also setup my email account with my phone. everything was fine. i was sending and receiving emails via the quick tab on the home screen for emails and everything. then a day later, it just stopped working! now it won't even launch the email setup to re-input my account settings again. if i try, it just says "your device encountered a problem with this applications server" after you click on the email setup, inside the setup wizard. and if i try to click on email settings tab inside the setup wizard it says the same thing.......i don't get it!

    so here's what i've done so far. i spent literary 3 hours at verizon yesterday with 2 guys there working on it along with a "level2" blackberry tech on the phone and NONE of them could come up with a solution for this seamingly easy problem! i couldn't tell you everything they did but i know they tried removing and re-installing the app, easy and hard resetting, and sent a bbm message to itself??? whatever that is. the guy at verizon said the computer didn't even recognize my phone???? but i can go online and do every other thing i'm paying $30.00 for just not email. but if i go on the browser and login at yahoo, i can read my emails?!?!?! but i'm not doing that every time! they tried 3 different storms and transfered my number and all that to those phones and they all did the same thing. so i would think there is something wrong with my number or my pin number associated to my account right. especially seeing my brother, whom i share this plan with has the exact same service and phone and his is working perfectly?!?!?!?!

    so i'm hoping someone on here is smarter than the "level2" techs at blackberry and could help me out cause this is rediculous!
    05-31-10 09:25 PM