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    I have a verizon 9530 and have unlocked it and use it with AT&T sim. I can use everything on the phone such as calling, SMS, and MMS. I'm wondering what my TCP/IP settings should be and when I go to ##000000, what those settings should be, such as country code. I'm in the United States. Just wondering this because I can't use any internet or GPS. The BB Messenger doesn't work either. Do you think the problem is due to the net settings? I don't know but I have put in all service books and everything but those few things work. Maybe it's far as I can go because I am using ATT sim.
    04-23-10 01:32 PM
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    The country code for the United States is 1.

    From the post for getting all your settings to work: Also you need TCP configurations in Options>Advanced Options>TCP. APN should say wap.cingular Username: [email protected] Password: CINGULAR1

    That post is: http://forums.crackberry.com/f135/ho...rm-95xx-107154

    And as long as you have a Blackberry data plan, you will be able to get on the web and use BB Messenger. Your fastest speed will be EDGE.
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    04-23-10 01:45 PM
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    Thanks cdowner! Wasn't sure if I should put just a single "1" or "001" being the other country code was three digits so I opted for "001". Everything still works fine as is though. Now that the country code is changed though I did notice one difference. In the upper right hand corner, where the signal status is at. I have full signal but I constantly get the diagonal arrows. No idea what that means.
    04-25-10 10:25 AM
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    Sending and receiving data.... I feel slow now, lol.
    04-25-10 10:51 AM