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    Hi there,

    I had to replace my Storm1 for another Storm1 under warranty on Monday. I have a bunch of my own ringtones that I've loaded into the new phone from my backup and all my ring tones are in the "All Ring Tones" category. They are on the media card which is set to use Mass Storage.

    I go to the phone contacts and highlight a name then Menu --> Set Ring Tone --> I pick a ring tone and then Menu --> Save and I get a popup window asking "Set Ring Tone to ringtone name for which Profile with options for All or Normal. No matter which one I select it sets that ringtone for ALL numbers. I want individual ring tones for various numbers. I found this on a Google:

    How to Set Individual Ringtones on the BlackBerry Storm | eHow.com

    But my Storm1 doesn't have an "Add Custom Phone Tune" on it's menu. I didn't have to create a custom profile for each person on my original Storm. I just picked a person/number then a ring tone, set it and it worked. I don't *think* I had a third party app to make this work on my original Storm either, if I did I don't have a clue what one it was.

    What in the world am I doing wrong?

    Thanks for your help.
    06-23-10 01:10 PM