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    I upgraded from .75 to .109 last night. Everything seems fine so far, other than I received an attachment in an email that I have normally always been able to open. It is a .txt document, and I always before would click open attachment and it would open. Now when I do, it says Service Book Information Not Found. I have tried resending through the Host Routing Table and through the email settings, and doing a battery pull afterwards, none of which have allowed me to open the attachment. Any ideas?

    02-26-09 07:04 PM
  2. lstraw's Avatar
    No one has had this happen to them?
    02-27-09 01:45 AM
  3. ArmaK's Avatar
    You need to install the BlackBerry Attachment Service. You can install this from the app loader in DM.

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    02-27-09 02:15 AM