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    I can't find the thread from a couple of weeks ago: How can I upgrade a Mac-owning friend's 9530 without downloading my data onto his Storm? Is there a way to have 2 separate AppLoaders?
    06-05-09 12:22 PM
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    I don't know that you should be that concerned with different app loaders. I upgrade all the sales forces devices here at work all the time. Sure, I have a desktop and a laptop as well as Desktop Managers on both however, I use the laptop probably 90% of the time to do the upgrades.

    1st: Backup that particular device. Create a folder in My Documents and name it something correlating to you friends device. When the Backup app asks you where to save the backup file to, navigate back to that folder you created.

    2nd: Backup third party apps...save them in the same folder you created.

    Now you are ready to be the installation of the OS. If after the install is near finishing and you encounter an error that directs you to use the backup file to restore data to that particular device, you can use the restore option in the backup/restore feature.

    Congrats....Your my 600th post

    ~Good Luck~
    06-05-09 12:47 PM
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    Nice, succint and complete.
    Much appreciated
    06-05-09 07:04 PM