1. storminsc's Avatar
    Ok, I got my replacement phone today and am not sure if I need to send back all of the accessories.

    My replacement came with all of the chargers, etc, so now I have duplicates of everything but the paper says to send the 'phone' back and doesn't mention accessories.

    But I don't want to be charged, either.

    Anybody know the answer without me having to call Asuion? I'd love to have the extra accessories if they don't want them back!
    01-28-09 01:03 PM
  2. rugbyjulia's Avatar
    You'll get mixed replies on this forum, as this very question has been asked before.

    Some will say you can get away with it, but others will say do the 'right thing' and return it. I'd also be worried about getting charged, as I've read that some people were given the same instructions as you received and were charged later down the road for the accessories kept.

    I wouldn't risk it, and I'd return it. That is really just my take, though. Someone else might have direct experience and better advice.
    01-28-09 01:08 PM
  3. storminsc's Avatar
    I've had replacements from asurion many times before but everything they sent was a refurb with no accessories so this is the first time receiving a replacement that comes with all of the accessories.

    I guess I will send them back. No telling what they would charge me!
    01-28-09 01:26 PM
  4. stylistik's Avatar
    I was told to send just the phone, i kept the all the accessories and battery and just mailed out the broken phone back to them in their pre paid envelope.
    01-28-09 01:27 PM
  5. rugbyjulia's Avatar
    Yeah, SC, I've heard some horror stories. The last post I read was some poor guy getting charged $230 extra on his next phone bill for not returning anything...

    Do I know if it's legit? No. But would I risk that? Oh heeeeeeell naw.
    01-28-09 01:28 PM
  6. MustangChris04's Avatar
    I probably go through 4 claims a year with them. Even though your not supposed to but they let me. But I've never sent back the accessories. Most of the time there is a colored piece of paper that says to not return the accesses.

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    01-28-09 01:32 PM
  7. chub's Avatar
    all that assurion wants back is the actual handset...it says on the pack to send back just the phone..not even the battery....so just follow directions sent and all should be fine
    01-28-09 01:41 PM
  8. storminsc's Avatar
    Ok many of you are correct! the info is actually on the white return envelope - not the enclosed papers (which is where I was looking).

    It says:

    Do not include battery or charger.

    Guess that clears it up!
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    01-28-09 01:51 PM
  9. rugbyjulia's Avatar
    My mistake! Great news for you, though.
    01-28-09 01:52 PM
  10. nathalie584's Avatar
    I've sent my phone back and kept the accessories including the battery and the battery cover and the microsd card. Haven't had any problems with keeping all of the accessories.
    01-28-09 01:54 PM
  11. BergerKing's Avatar
    Lucky! Always handy to have extra accessories.

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    01-28-09 02:04 PM
  12. jayresc's Avatar
    I only send back the phone. I have never been charged for anything.
    01-28-09 02:08 PM
  13. kasolberg's Avatar
    I have done this twice now- one for accident and another to replace a defect. Neither time did I have to return anything but the phone. I now have three of everything.

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    01-28-09 02:11 PM
  14. gkwong's Avatar
    i didn't know what asurion was, so i just looked it up, haha. since i'm t-mobile, is it possible to get insurance on the storm even though t-mobile doesn't officially carry it? i went to look over the terms and conditions from t-mobile's website and it asked me what kind of phone i had but the storm wasn't on the list.
    01-28-09 02:29 PM
  15. JulieJHawk's Avatar
    So SC, how is the phone you got from Asurion working? Any problems with the phone????
    01-28-09 02:39 PM