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    I've only had this phone for a few hours and I'm loving it, but my only gripe is the scroll sensitivity. I have it on 6 (highest) and when i drag on the screen w/ my finger to scroll up/down a menu or webpage, sometimes it only seems to respond every 2nd or 3rd time, and only when I apply a slight amount of pressure. I have an ipod touch and it responds flawlessly. Not trying to compare RIM to Apple so let's squash the flaming before it begins lol, I was just wondering if I'm missing a technique to make scrolling a bit more fluid, or whether this is something to be addressed in the December update?

    Also, does it make a lot of difference if I have the vzw screen protector on? because currently I do.
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    11-24-08 10:01 PM
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    Ok, update:

    I just deleted VZ Nav and rebooted like people have been saying, and the scrolling is a little more responsive now.

    If you haven't done this yet (and don't intend on using vz nav), do it!
    11-24-08 10:18 PM
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    What I do is very lightly and quickly swipe and I'm having near iphoneish results. Very smooth and kinetic scrolling in some instances

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