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    I vaguely recall reading about these tips and didn't insert them into memory (mine). I can't seem to find these by doing a search. Please don't tell me to go search the Tips sub-forum. BTDT

    A keyboard shortcut that will let you insert a / in the address field without having to go into the numbers section.

    A shortcut that will insert the @ symbol

    A shortcut that will insert .com

    Is it possible to use the Autotext "myemail", etc.... in a browser username field? It never works for me. I can use my autotext in the body of an email, but not in the browser. Maybe I'm doing something wrong or maybe it is not designed to work that way?

    01-11-09 08:30 AM
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    No takers? Did a little more searching and found a list of shortcuts from someone on a BB8830. I'm sure many of them apply to the Storm as well.

    To insert the /, do a shift then space bar. (this is the one that was bothering me the most)

    01-11-09 09:40 AM