1. chuleris's Avatar
    Ok, so I loaded a hybrid to my storm which went beautifully until I realized I restored my coworker's last backup to my phone instead of my own information so I did a wipe on my storm so that I could simply load my own info. Since then the phone goes thru this sequence of screens:

    4. Scrubbing internal device memory & has the small clock on the screen.

    Here the phone seems to get stuck and takes forever. I searched this error on the forums but couldnt really find an answer. I've tried reloading the os as if I had a nuked BB, battery pulls etc, and nada. The clock is actually moving, the arms anyway, if that helps at all. I have Lyricidical's 7v2b hybrid on my phone now. ANy help would be much appreciated peeps.

    Oh and prior to loading the hybrid I did wipe my phone using BBSAK to the 507 error before loading up the os as recommended in his hybrid thread.
    10-04-09 02:38 PM
  2. Smith166's Avatar
    I read this on the bb support forum:

    The devcie is wiping itself constantly by replacing the entire memory woith ones and zeroes.

    it will do it for a minimum of two hours...
    It can go on for a day or more (have heard of 48 hours).

    You CANT do anything to stop it.
    Removing the batteyr will BRICK your device.
    05-20-10 04:34 AM