1. Proda's Avatar
    after watching the new storm video on crackberry, i came to the conclusion that the phone looked amazing and relatively easy to use. However, i noticed that when i watched the video of the media trailer (that racing move, lol) that the whole screen wasnt being used. I also saw in a few other pictures or videos that there were small parts of the bottom and top of the screen that werent used (they were just black). Do any of you think that RIM should have full utilized the screen, considering it already is smaller than the iphones (or appears smaller from the pics).
    10-25-08 02:10 PM
  2. sarky's Avatar
    well if you don't want to see the left and right of wide screen movies sure.

    the screen is 4:3 ratio whereas the speed racer clip is probably 16:9

    the 4:3 screen is advantageous as it is wider in portrait and taller in landscape giving more room for the keyboard.
    10-25-08 02:14 PM