1. Hoolian's Avatar
    I just noticed this today, if i have my storm locked and it fades to black, after a minute or so the screen turns back on for no apparent reason. Anyone know what's going on?
    12-14-08 01:53 PM
  2. geonixx's Avatar
    Just got the storm today - its running .75 OS preinstalled. Everything works great on it... except for this screen on and off problem. My screen also goes on and off randomly when I'm not using it. Ive tried locking the phone, leaving it unlocked, still keeps doing it. It also does it when its in bedside mode - as in it will randomly make the screen super bright and then fade back down (annoying if you're trying to sleep). It seems to happen once every couple of minutes - but at random intervals.

    The only program running right now is the AP news feed thing (I work in the media and love that program). Since its constantly getting updates, could it be a bug with that program or is this another OS bug problem?
    12-17-08 12:54 AM
  3. Deevod's Avatar
    I have the same problem and it kinda drives me insane. But it only happenes every once in awhile. Like one day its perfectly fine and then the next it starts doing this. It drains my battery up!!!

    Oh well, I love the phone!
    12-17-08 02:26 AM
  4. Vulcan500Rider's Avatar
    I had the issue and resolved it by making sure only the necessary 3rd party applications were running, soft reset with the battery pull and all is well again. It happened last week when I had the phone in sleep mode and the room kept getting brighter then darker every 2 or 3 minutes.
    12-17-08 07:22 AM