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    Is there a way to make the screen of the Blackberry Storm more "flush" with the frame of the device? Everthing else on my Storm works great. However the top part of the screen is slightly at a higher level than top part of the device where the blackberry storm logo is. The other sides of the screen are just fine. It's not bad enough to replace the device, but it is more likley to scrape the inside of my pocket or holster when I take it out and therefore lint & dust is more likely to get caught between the top part of the screen. The screen protector is also more likely to be snagged and losened at the top. At first I thought the screen protector was the cause, but the issue was still there and I feel a scrape when I slide my finger down the top part of the device even after replacing the protector. I have tried the silicone case and the screen sits much lower than the silicone for added protection. But I like how friend's BB Storm's have screens that sit below or are nice and flush with the frame of the device. Is there a way to adjust this without the hassle of going into the store?
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    I wouldn't mess with it if I were you. Tiny screw up can mess up the entire phone. If it bugs you a lot ask at the VZW corporate store.
    02-06-09 11:30 PM