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    ok here it goes

    i got my phone from insurance claim and did not use it until i got my case. the day i got my case i installed .141 lyrical hybrid (spelled right?). i been having issues with the screen when i click any button it does not come on, i gotta hold screen or any button for about 2 secs or 3.

    i just installed bbcrackman's v5.1 .141 hybrid and it does the same thing so i know its not the hybrids fault.

    i did a clean wipe hanheld and still same issue.

    so im stuck at the moment if any body could help can msg me on BBM or here


    here is a youtube vid when it uploads!!
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    05-18-09 02:52 PM
  2. ohtiggerr's Avatar
    Sounds from what you are saying, your screen doesn't click?
    Back to the drawing board. Get another one. Why did you use your ins? Warranty is 1 yr on these not 90 days like many "dumb phones".
    05-18-09 03:01 PM
  3. MarcSt's Avatar
    Did you try the phone with the official OS on it BEFORE you installed the hybrid? Did it work?
    05-18-09 03:05 PM
  4. stormerman's Avatar
    could the touch setting or hover setting be set to long?
    05-18-09 03:07 PM
  5. ommpahlummpah's Avatar
    the screen clicks fine. my old phone broke my bad lol. but every thing works perfect in hardware wise.

    i played with it for alittle bit to make sure the click was fine and a few other things but did not notice/look for the screen problem.

    it kind of acts like the screen has a lock on it and to turn the screen on you hafto hold any button for 3 seconds. In the hybrid .141 5.0.94? i was reading sompthing about lock fix but didnt see what the issue was.

    thanks for speedy replys
    05-18-09 03:10 PM
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    SPEED BUMP! for video k thanks
    05-18-09 04:26 PM
  7. ommpahlummpah's Avatar
    last bump for hope. ima call vzw if i cannot get it figured out.

    i changed the hover and tap sensitivity alil bit and played with it still no go unless they have to be set at certain numbers.

    05-18-09 10:44 PM
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    2 things:

    1. Verizon can't help you with unofficial OS' and they might deny you warranty service if they know you've used an unofficial OS on the device.

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    05-18-09 10:47 PM