1. fuzed1's Avatar
    Hi all, new to the forums, I've had my storm about two odd months and love the thing...

    I've had a search for screen issues and see theres a few people that have had issues with the click (I havent to be honest).

    I have as of last night had a very odd problem where the screen would not scroll etc etc, i.e. the touch screen movement sensor or whatever wouldn't work, I tried restarting the phone on numerous occasions and NOTHING, took the battery out, etc etc... still nothing... so I backed it up ready to send of for repair/replacement as I couldnt do anything with it.

    Got up this morning, tried one last time, and it started to work again, with no signs of the problems from last night.

    Has anyone else had that problem, and does anyone have any ideas as to whats going on?
    03-15-09 09:11 AM
  2. swatman's Avatar
    Generally when my Storm gets slow I do a battery pull and that wakes it up. It probally rebooted or cleared its memory during the night.
    03-15-09 04:13 PM