1. thewolf's Avatar
    About 8 times today my Storm's screen went blank...well, more like it went dark and the lights on the bottom keys were still on...had to perform battery pull each time...i think I had better call Verizon for a replacement.

    At the same time, when I press the keys, sometimes I get what I can only describe as some weird static type of display...anyone else get this?
    12-15-08 03:08 AM
  2. thewolf's Avatar
    Same thing happened and I tried a battery pull and it didn't work...my STORM was dead. I tried the battery pull a few times to no avail. And then, just when i was thinking about how good that OMNIA was going to work...it flashed and came back to life!
    12-15-08 03:36 AM
  3. Jaysus Cutler6's Avatar
    Uggh. Definitely call in and get a replacement. Sounds like there is a short somewhere.
    12-15-08 03:50 AM
  4. thewolf's Avatar
    Had it not sprung to life, I was planning on paying a visit to Verizon to possibly swap for Omnia...I love my Storm and took very good care to make sure there were no drops, bumps, etc., but it does seem like a short.
    12-15-08 03:55 AM