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    Well I am one of the many that was not able to get a Storm of my own today. However I was able to play around a bit with one in the store and I noticed a very scary thing indeed. When I was in landscape mode the bottom left corner of the screen I was playing with COULD NOT be clicked... no matter how hard I pressed. I asked the store rep and he made the excuse that they got RIM's demo phones and that they have been being used for 4 weeks already. Ok that is all fine and dandy but does anyone else see a problem with the screen not working after only 4 weeks ?!?!?! I know the demos get used more per day than a private phone... so lets just say 3 months approx of use and part of the keyboard is not working. That is a total hardware issue that scares the **** out of me.
    11-21-08 05:12 PM