1. tomkaz's Avatar
    they are having a wirleless expo at my office today:
    spoke to verizon guy about the strom 3 - he says it is still in the works

    also said storm 2 may still os6 at some point

    the droid pro coming out in december is supposed to be really great. looks like a blackberry and great for people who use their phone for emails, etc
    11-03-10 08:22 AM
  2. ewvarn's Avatar
    I was at the VZW Mashable event on Monday in NYC. Got to play with the Droid Pro, Samsung (Android) Tablet and the Pre2. They're all hitting stores on 11/11.

    As for 9550 getting OS6, I'll go with, doubtful... Unfortunately.
    11-03-10 11:37 AM
  3. SoFla David's Avatar
    I'm weary of anything the account reps say until I see it on the Verizon website with my own eyes.

    My account rep insists that if we order a Bold today, it will come already loaded with 6.0.

    While I have read that the bold will eventually get a 6.0 upgrade, I'm pretty confident, they are not shipping with 6.0 yet.

    At least this one rep is a little better than the last. Our last rep brought us a "voyager" insisting THAT was the PDA we needed to roll out to all of our executives. and then he insisted that all of the Palm Treos would run windows Mobile.

    Not sure where they get these people.
    11-03-10 12:50 PM
  4. thebr0ken's Avatar
    How much truth there is to this i dont know, but I hear that some of the 256mb phones will recieve a "skinny" version of OS6 but im not holding my breath. We have to remember that the only thing we share with the 256mb devices that have had the full bb6 leak is the memory. Those devices are running a faster CPU which would probably be more beneficial for a touch device. I dont think we ever really knew if there was a CPU upgrade along with the other stuff in the 9570 but im betting there was a faster CPU (maybe 628Mhz). I just think the 9550 was a very soft upgrade to the 9530. Besides screen, Wifi and double memory its the same device. Not that i really care all that much but putting full bb6 on a 9550 will probably make it as usable as the 9530 was with available free memory. Doesnt bother me since I didnt have issues with my 9530
    11-03-10 02:05 PM