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    Well, im confused. ive downloaded several installation files through my computer and theyre .jad files and .cod files.... My question is, how do i use these files to install that program? when i try to run it from my device, it wont install....

    07-17-10 09:37 PM
  2. hydroz_23's Avatar
    .cods are loaded thru bbsak

    bbsak can be found here

    you can install the program from your memory card if the folder has the .cod's and .jad files in it. Just plug your phone in and treat it like a external device. Copy your install folder to the memory card. Make sure that mass storage mode is enabled.

    So lets say that you have a program called "xyz" the folder could be called "xyz" and inside that folder would be xyz.cod-1, xyz.cod-2, xyz.cod-3, etc. and the xyz.jad file. After that folder is on your card, you would just browse to that file location on your phone.

    So if you installed it in the documents folder on your media card, you would open the files app on your phone>file folders>media card>blackberry>documents>xyz>scroll down till you find the .jad file and click on it. It will now prompt you to install

    .alx files are installed thru blackberry desktop manger

    ota is a over the air install that points you to the .jad file for installation

    BTW welcome to CB and i highly recommend reading some of the how-to's, faq's and get familiar with the search function here on CB.
    07-17-10 10:07 PM
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    oh thanks! i did do a bit of searching :P i saw bbsak b efore but i didnt really understand how to use it. thers also CB launcher which i couldnt manage to get running :S. il give this a shot tomorrow morning and hopefully it all goes well! Thanks!
    07-18-10 12:47 AM
  4. hydroz_23's Avatar
    BBSAK is easy to use if you have .cods to load.

    To install a .cod

    *Install BBSAK
    *if you have vista or win 7, right click and run as admin
    *it will ask you for password, if you don't have one just leave it blank and hit ok. The program should now continue and should see your pin
    *click the tab that says "modify cods"
    *on the right click the tab that says "add cods"
    *browse to the cod files on your pc that you want to install. You can add one or several at a time by crtl+click
    *screen will flash and a few seconds later it will say "cods successfully installed" and phone may reboot

    Make sure that you have desktop manager installed or BBSAK will not work. Or at least make sure that the drivers are installed

    Desktop Manger Download

    USB and Modem Drivers Download

    To install .alx file

    *open blackberry desktop manager
    *click application loader
    *click add/remove programs
    *click browse and find your .alx files and then click next
    *it will then verify what you want to add or remove then just click next.
    *phone should reboot

    To install a OTA file (.jad)

    *open your blackberry browser
    *type the link of the .jad (or email yourself the link) then ok and it should now prompt you for download

    You said you wanted the crackberry launcher, so just go here and enter your email and it will send you the link to your phone. Just click on it and it will install

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    07-18-10 01:16 AM